Kinda Funny Trophy War April 2017 - Whodahs

# Trophy Game Title Trophy Title Date (PT)
1BronzeHorizon Zero DawnGot the Shield-Weaver outfit29th Apr 2017 13:00:12
2BronzeHorizon Zero DawnAll Skills learned29th Apr 2017 11:45:10
3BronzeHorizon Zero DawnRecovered a powerful weapon29th Apr 2017 11:44:34
4SilverDrawn to DeathHooper's talking about college. Again. "So what are your plans for college, kids?" It's like everyday with this guy.28th Apr 2017 20:10:10
5SilverDrawn to DeathNot that I have ANY idea where I'm going. Alan says I need to come work at Magic Mouse this summer. Uhm, HELL no.28th Apr 2017 20:08:58
6BronzeRise of the Tomb RaiderTaking the High Road24th Apr 2017 19:57:18
7BronzeRise of the Tomb RaiderGood Samaritan24th Apr 2017 18:37:44
8BronzeRise of the Tomb RaiderFluent23rd Apr 2017 10:49:42
9BronzeRise of the Tomb RaiderFall Guys23rd Apr 2017 10:19:09
10BronzeRise of the Tomb RaiderWas That Really Necessary?22nd Apr 2017 07:36:16
11BronzeRise of the Tomb RaiderTruth Seeker22nd Apr 2017 04:34:29
12BronzeRise of the Tomb RaiderHide and Seek21st Apr 2017 20:08:31
13BronzeRise of the Tomb RaiderStrange Acquaintance21st Apr 2017 13:18:03
14BronzeRise of the Tomb RaiderRapid Recovery21st Apr 2017 12:40:56
15BronzeRise of the Tomb RaiderChallenging20th Apr 2017 20:05:45
16SilverDrawn to DeathI wonder if I could get a job making art. Like after high school. I'd so love to make art for video games!20th Apr 2017 12:56:24
17BronzeRise of the Tomb RaiderOne-Sided Conversation15th Apr 2017 11:57:08
18BronzeRise of the Tomb RaiderTougher Than She Looks15th Apr 2017 11:25:58
19BronzeRise of the Tomb RaiderQuite A Tumble15th Apr 2017 11:16:25
20BronzeRise of the Tomb RaiderFollowing in Father's Footsteps15th Apr 2017 10:48:12
21BronzeRise of the Tomb RaiderReading the Past15th Apr 2017 10:40:05
22BronzeDrawn to DeathOr maybe I'm just bored. I think that's it — I'm bored.14th Apr 2017 18:43:42
23BronzeDrawn to DeathOh @&!%, did I brush my teeth today?!?14th Apr 2017 15:19:12
24BronzeHorizon Zero DawnBroke the siege of All-Mother14th Apr 2017 14:17:42
25BronzeHorizon Zero DawnAided the defectors14th Apr 2017 09:09:53
26BronzeDrawn to DeathI'm getting hungry.9th Apr 2017 13:42:41
27BronzeHorizon Zero DawnDiscovered the truth9th Apr 2017 13:08:20
28BronzeDrawn to DeathMaybe I'll say I need to go to the bathroom.8th Apr 2017 06:46:08
29BronzeDrawn to DeathBut I mean, why wouldn't I be? This class sucks so bad.7th Apr 2017 19:55:14
30BronzeDrawn to DeathI hate my stupid stepdad.7th Apr 2017 19:49:20
31BronzeDrawn to DeathThen I'll just hide in a stall and watch videos till class ends.7th Apr 2017 19:44:44
32BronzeHorizon Zero DawnCrashed the Eclipse network6th Apr 2017 20:06:01
33BronzeOverwatch: Origins EditionOverclocked2nd Apr 2017 20:22:27
34BronzeTearaway UnfoldedCrafty2nd Apr 2017 10:38:23